Signal Master

* Connect up to 5 RC receivers simultaneously
* Supports SBUS 1+2/PPM/Spektrum Satellite DSM,DSM2,DSMX/PWM inputs and outputs
* Freely mix any inputs into any output
* Apply special functions to inputs such as slew rate smoothing
* Read up to 4 PWM inputs and merge into any output
* Generate up to 8 PWM outputs from any input
* Generate 2 independent output streams simultaneously (SBUS/Spektrum/PPM)
* Configure first- and second- choice source for any output
* Select any output to switch between first- and second- from an RC switch input
* 50Hz or 400Hz output frequency, 1520us or 760us pulse null
* Special High-Speed link for remote G-Lock module connection
* Configurations saved to files for easy reconfiguration or loaded of predefined setups
* 3-12V operation (2S LiPo safe)


* Single/Dual operator gimbal control switching
* Stick smoothing (eg for camera slewing)
* Merging multiple radio inputs into one output channel
* Safety-pilot take-control switching (eg for R&D projects)
* Student/Trainer switching using different radio brands
* Connection of 2 SBUS receivers with auto switch if one failsafes
* Backup complete radio+receiver switching

The CARVEC RC Signal-Master module will take inputs from virtually any receivers and allow them to be managed, sorted and merged into whatever is required. It allows automatic switching between inputs if the first choice goes into failsafe and also can apply functions to inputs such as slew smoothing for camera control.

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