G-Lock - Gimbal Lock System

* From the original designers of the Freefly Radian
* Software upgrade for any Freefly Radian module
* Full 3-axis gimbal stabilisation from a single Radian 
* Fully adjustable slew acceleration for super-smooth slewing 
* Proportional mode for single operator shoulder-lever control
* Remote gain adjustment for any axis
* Supports SBUS/SBUS2/PPM/Spektrum DSM/DSM2/DSMX inputs
* Supports remote mounting with high-speed output to CARVEC Signal
   Master module.

With the optional CARVEC Signal-Master Module:

* Supports PWM inputs
* Supports remote positioning on-axis with thin 4-core wire link
* Supports multiple receiver connection with switching for single/dual operator configuration.

  The CARVEC G-Lock is a full 3-axis gimbal stabilisation system with advanced features 
  for professional grade results.
  It is available now as a software upgrade for existing Radian modules.

A new hardware mdoule will be available late Summer 2013 to give full brushless motor direct-drive capability.